Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Switching my political party......

I fancy myself quite the liberal voter. I want equality for ALL human beings and desperately want the war in Iraq over. I am passionate about the environment and am tuned into the smallest changes in weather that I perceive as the "beginning of the end". With that said, I walked out of the office today at lunchtime and it was 70 degrees on February 6th! I can't say I missed the sting of the cold or the slap of the bitter wind in my face. I am very tempted to go grab some aerosol cans and spray them right up in the air to keep this trend going. Who's with me?

Ok. In all seriousness I would never advocate contributing to global warming. But in the words of Jackson Stewart (Hannah Montana's TV brother for those not in the know ; ), "Why should I care if my kids will never see polar bears. I never got to see a dinosaur!!". Just kidding!!


thewishfulwriter said...

Yer funny.

Know that?

Reticent Writer said...

Well I think so but since my humor tends to be quite sarcastic, most people are offended. LOL! Thanks for thinking I am ; )