Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Day My $80,000 Business Degree Pays Off

Today we are working hard on correcting payroll mistakes. Boss says we need to schedule a meeting with our lawyer to hammer out some details.

Lawyer suggests a working lunch and co-worker and I beg for a great little Mexican restaurant we know.

Boss: "Ok but we really ARE going to be working."

Me: "Fine. But I'll need my reading glasses. MARGARITA glasses that is!!" as I hold imaginary margarita glasses up to my eyes.

All he can do is shake his head and wonder why he ever hired me. I'm smiling and thanking heaven he did ; )


Amanda said...

hahaha sounds like something I would say.

do you ever find A LOT of people walk away from you, shaking their heads? cuz i know that happens a lot in my life...

Reticent Writer said...

I have only found that MY WHOLE LIFE, LOL! I have always been a smart-ass and none of my family got me. I can seem like the crass'est person in the room but I think what I'm saying is funny. Do you say something and then hear that dead silence alot???