Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Greatest Hits List

I'm not too ashamed to say I have been taking some time off lately to get my priorities back in order. Job hunting, school, a child with Aspergers and now a broken ankle have taken the majority of my attention for the last few months. I have tried to keep up with my favorite blogs to keep me centered but haven't felt the need to post anything of my own.

However, my favorite blogger Heather wrote yesterday about her greatest accomplishments and memories and requested her peeps post their own. It made me pause because it seems a bit self-serving to post this when I haven't posted anything in a long time but then I decided to go for it since I have been kind of down lately. Focusing on the positive and all that. So without further ado, here are my top 5 greatest accomplishments and memories.

Finishing my Bachelor's degree after almost 10 years of part-time school. Many times it seemed impossible with two kids, a husband and career so walking across the stage at George Mason University in June 2006 was a dream come true. I even graduated with honors (magna cum laude).

Losing 75 pounds after high school to be able to join the Army. I could not figure out a way to leave Missouri without joining the Army so I had to lose the pounds.

Reconnecting with old friends from Missouri on Facebook. When I left I swore I would never turn back and give anyone the time of day but have found it very healing to catch up with old friends and not lump everyone into the bad memories.

Learning to develop and stand up for my own thoughts and opinions. When I was younger I sort of absorbed other's thoughts and opinions on issues (religion, politics, etc.) but now I try and learn about issues before forming an opinion. Once I do, I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.

Visiting Puerto Rico for the first time. Growing up in a land locked state, I always dreamed of visiting a tropical island. It was awe-inspiring for me and I don't think I could ever be bored. Just looking at the horizon over the ocean is enough for me.

So there you have it. I am sure there are plenty more but I am trying to rally my spirits. For the first time in months I finally have an interview on Wednesday. I am going to have to fight the temptation to cry and beg them for the job because I need it very badly.