Friday, February 1, 2008

Blogging for Dummies

I really feel like a dummy when it comes to blogs. What keeps me coming back to blogs is their depth and their reliability. Is that even a word? If so, did I spell it right? All I know is that in order for me to come back, I have to feel a connection. I really don't care if it is spiritual, political, emotional, intellectual or sexual. As long as I feel we are on the same wavelength about something, I will come back. I will remember how I found the blog and will come back.

What eludes me in this "blog'o'sphere" is what in the hell inspires a blog. I guess I have been taking for granted these clever posts that pop up routinely on my favorite blogs without a single thought as to what it takes to create them. As I sit here and ponder what hilarious and awe-inspiring blogs *I* might come up with, I hit a solid road block. That block is simple. I am not a writer. Oh, I wanted to be one badly when I was young. I even had the symbol for journalism inscribed on my high school ring because I figured if I could envision it that it would happen. Funny thing is that 18 years later I sit here without a creative writing bone in my body. Actually if you give me a topic, I can BS with the best of them. In college I learned the art of talking up and around a topic so much that at the end, I was sick of hearing myself speak and told MYSELF to shut up. But if you sit me in front of a computer with absolutely nothing to work with, I will ramble for hours about how unfair it is that hair scrunchies are now so uncool. Why? What did the hair scrunchie ever do to anyone? It was a great alternative for those of us too uncoordinated to figure out the banana clip and now it has seen the undying wrath of whoever deems these things uncool.

With all of that blather said (told you I could go on and on about nothing), I really think they should teach a class about blogs. Blogging 101 sounds great. It could help people learn how to seek out their own styles and keep them from totally ripping off someone else's style. I don't know how but that is why I'm not in school administration. All I know is that I have always wanted to write but known I wasn't good enough. And that's ok. As long as I have others who so eloquiently grab my own thoughts and feelings and put them to paper. THAT is why I am an admitted blog addict!!

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thewishfulwriter said...

silly, silly girl - you ARE a writer! a beautiful writer. we all hit road blocks. why do you think i blog about things that have happened 20 years ago? it's because i can't think of a single thing to blog about.

shit. i've blogged about the clerk at Walmart. my socks. hangers. wicker baskets (true story).

i found that once i took the pressure off myself and just looked at the day's post as a writing exercise and pretended no one else would ever see it...that helped.

here goes: i'm going to suggest a topic for your next post. describe one of your favorite childhood memories for me. please and thank you.