Sunday, February 17, 2008

My three wishes

We were drinking over at the neighbor's house Friday night. They have their garage turned into a bar complete with satellite television and neon signs. If you don't get too drunk to run into the Jeep parked in there when you leave, it was a good night.

So we're drinking and chatting and someone brings up what you would choose if you could have three wishes. We were taking turns telling what our wishes would be and I, of course, froze. I'm never good at spontaneous things like that. My neighbor (one of the funniest people I know) wishes to spend more time with the kids, have a beach house as a second home~which is where his wife jumped in and said if she got her wish of a million bucks he wouldn't have to waste his wish on this because she was buying it. This led to a brief tirade from him about how she will not leave this area because her whole family is here and she agreed that she won't leave until her family is all gone. My neighbor turns and says with the straightest of faces, "And that would be my third wish."


thewishfulwriter said...


Dude. I love your neighbor already.

But, wait. I thought *I* was the funniest person you know...

now i'm confused

Reticent Writer said...

Never you fear, dear Heather. I said he was ONE of the funniest people I know. We are going to his 40th birthday party tomorrow so I can guarantee some blogging material from that ; )