Saturday, March 8, 2008

I COULD be helping but WHY should I??

This is what is happening in my house right now even as I type. We switched out our carpets to hardwood floors last March and are just now doing the stairs. To be fair, we started the pool in June so we didn't have much chance to finish the stairs. But it was well overdue since the nasty blue carpet looked mostly brown due to mud being tracked into the house and various popsicle drippings being carried down to the rec room. Work started at 9am sharp. Sam has a co-worker over to help who only charges us $20 an hour for very labor-intensive work. I could help to speed up the process in someway I'm sure but I have been very busy this morning.

These things will not do themself so I have been hard at work on.......

- Playing Scrabble on Facebook. Did you know this is addictive? Neither did I!! I do now.....

- Rearranged my home office space. This was very important since I am working from home on Monday. (Did you get that I have a 3-day weekend? LOL!)

- Realized that I can't possibly work all day on Monday on the couch with a laptop and wireless mouse so had to go to Staples.

- Went to Staples for a contour lap desk. Boy, is it comfy on my lap and roomy enough for my wireless mouse.

- Picked up Wendy's for the guys. It was a sacrifice but I am a giver and can't fight my nature.

- Answering Sam's cellphone. Holy crap, he is BUSY people!! Everyone knew he was working on this today but they keep calling and bothering me. I have talked to two of his friends and his father. I don't like talking to his father so this is why I am putting this under work.

- Playing Scrabble on Facebook. I am determined to get my rating over 1,700. People can be real snobs on ratings and don't want you to accept their game invitation if you have a ranking under 1,700.

Now if I can figure out how to keep my mouse from sliding off my lap desk sometime before it is time to start drinking, I will consider this day a smashing success!!!


Amanda said...

omg scrabuloussssssssss

I'm obsessed but those scrabulous people are so freaking snobbyyy.. everyone declines my requests for games.

We should play sometime, my username is waasy

Reticent Writer said...

I can't find you!! In order to start a game with you, we have to be friends and I can't find your username......

Amanda said...

hmmm I think we have to both be online on at the same time. what's your username?