Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Oh, that's right. Summer hasn't officially begun yet, has it? Then why the hell is the temperature over 90 degrees before noon? Did I accidentally move in the middle of the night to the Sahara Desert?

We're off to a pool party for daughter. It stinks because there will be tons of kids, no shade and no chairs. Daughter doesn't know it yet but we won't be staying long.

After the pool party we are off to watch the Belmont race. I'm totally lying. I'm not watching anything other than my empty beer cans pile up.


jess said...

LOL I know! This heat is terrible! We're going to be in a pool this afternoon too..

have fun!

Amanda said...

it was 101 degrees in the city on monday

it was 93 degrees when I was walking to work at 9am

kill me