Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love my friends but...

I am always amazed when I spend time with them at the differences between us. Yes, differences are good. They are why we seek friendships and relationships. But sometimes I am surprised at the way my friends act or respond to things.

We had friends over yesterday that we only see a few times a year. I mentioned them last week because their daughter and son came over for our son's birthday party. They came back this weekend for some swimming and grilling. In the span of 6 hours they had me pulling my hair out.

Some highlights of what bothered me:

They showed up starving. All 6 of them. We had barely started grilling and the swooped in and cleaned everything out. The kids were trying to take seconds before most of us had even had our first helping.

Everyone is eating the salsa. Don't let the 2 year old throw chips in the bowl.

Speaking of the 2 year old, don't tell my kids you are going to pull them off the trampoline so the 2 year old can bounce by herself because she's scared of being on there with so many kids.

Also on the subject of the 2 year old, why would you bring her over and let everyone kiss all over her before you tell us that the Tylenol is wearing off and her fever is coming back?

After searching the refrigerator my friend informed me that she was baking cookies and would I like some?

While baking cookies there is an uproar in the house so my friend comes to tell me that my daughter is crying and her daughter needs a band-aid. I go in to find my daughter with a bruised nose and red mark on her chin. I ask the girls what happened as my daughter sobs. Her daughter decided to push her way into the bathroom with my daughter inside and my daughter got hit in the face with the door. Did she mention that to me since she was right there or even reprimand her daughter? Nope to both questions.

Neither parent could be bothered to watch when their two kids were in the pool. Facing the other direction completely. Listen, I invited you and I didn't ask for anything other than fruit salad. I am NOT going to be soley responsible for watching 6 kids in the pool when 2 of them are yours.

When my friend got cold she went inside and spent the rest of the time texting. I understand its cold but its rude.

There was more and there were other annoyances from a few others who showed up (empty handed but drink like they are college freshman) but those were the major annoyances. I don't really feel much better about it but the weather is perfect, the pool temp is rising and I have the house to myself. I am sitting on the deck typing this in relative silence. Things are definitely looking up.


thewishfulwriter said...

i experienced something like this myself last year when Apes and I went on a road trip with some of our friends. I was amazed at one girl who never lifted a finger. she actually expected to be served, picked up after, entertained and revered. I looked everywhere for her pedestal, but surprisingly, couldn't find one. Before this trip, I had no idea she could be so self absorbed.

I promise if you ever have Apes and I over, we'll bring food AND our manners. Well, most of them. She burps and I pick my butt. But I don't wanna see that shit up in a blog, you hear....

Reticent Writer said...

I guess that is what amazed me. When we go to their house I help them clean the kitchen up and am always picking up trash and such. She comes over and acts like I am a waitress. It kills me!!

You and April don't need an invitation. Always welcome here!! Let me know when you are willing to make the trip up to Maryland (southern Frederick County/Northern Montgomery County) and we would LOVE to entertain you. I'm sure you wouldn't give me any good blogging material ; )

Fiesty Charlie said...

Come to Austin and be treated like a Queen...

Our 2 year old says things like, "please, thank you, may I, you are welcome, and excuse me" and never bruises anyone.

I know what you mean when it comes to friends like that... I tend to put the wrong zip code on the invites... lol

Reticent Writer said...

I would love to come back to Austin! My best friend has lived there for 14 years after we got out of the Army. I was last there in August 06 and was impressed at how it has matured.

I'm with you. My kids were always well mannered and respectful. I won't tolerate rude kids. To be clear, the door pushing was her 12 year old who busted in the door on my 6 year old. I would expect it more from a 2 year old and not be as upset.

I am losing their invites from now on ; )