Friday, June 11, 2010

Bet you thought I was gone for good

As if I have anyone left wondering about me : ) Life has been very hectic for the last year. Since starting my 'new' job a year ago I have traveled to Minneapolis, Denver, Los Angeles, Dallas, Iowa, Ohio, Boise, Seattle, Orlando, and Salt Lake City. I travel about once a month and am getting ready to go to Montana and Los Angeles next month. Add in a child with special education needs and being homeroom mom for the other child and I have had no extra time.

We drove to Missouri in December to visit my mom and grandfather. It was almost 17 hours in the car one way and we hit bad weather both ways. Thinking of doing it again next month due to the outrageous costs of flying four of us and renting a car once there.

I have been trying to get back into shape since I broke my ankle last spring. I was finally able to get back on the treadmill almost pain-free in November and the pain died down in December.

Today is my kid's last day of school. They are very excited for summer but I am not so excited. Now we have to pay for summer camp. My son is officially a high schooler and that scares the heck out of me.

So that is a bit of a catch-up if anyone wondered what happened to me. Hopefully I can get back more than once a year.

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kat said...

i usually just lurk, but welcome back