Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jumping in the Fray

I am not one to shy away from political topics or religious discussions. I truly believe if your beliefs are strong enough that hearing someone else's thoughts and opinions will have no bearing on yours. Hearing someone else's beliefs has no bearing on mine as they weren’t born overnight and I think deeply about an issue before I develop my own opinion.

I love to hear others opinions on an array of beliefs because it is interesting to me that you can be so similar in some ways but polar opposites on others. Usually I harbor no ill feelings toward someone on the other side of my belief as the world would be boring if we all had the same thoughts and feelings. However, the things that are coming out of the mouths of Republicans these past few weeks are making my stomach ache. I don’t understand why politics play any part in some of the areas they are swerving into like drunken sailors on shore leave.

Where does politics belong in deciding the right to same sex marriage, abortion and promoting the NRA? Nowhere in my mind. Those are religious and personal beliefs and have nothing to do with how the government should be run and used. It makes me sick that politicians use those beliefs to play us against each other and the Republican side tries to divide us rather than bring us together as a nation. It reminds me of when my brother and I shared a bedroom when we were growing up. We couldn’t stand to be in the same place as each other sometimes so we would draw the line down the middle of the room and neither of us was allowed on the others “side”. Now imagine if my mother had encouraged that divisiveness instead of talking to each of us and trying to work through our problems with each other.

John McCain honestly believes he is going to trick women voters into voting for him because of his pick of a woman for the Vice President. This choice alone defines him as a politician. He believes us naive enough that we will blindly cast our precious vote for 4 more years of the catastrophic Bush Administration. And if I am stupid enough to do that, how can I miss the fact that this woman is against the most fundamental rights I have as a woman? To me the only difference between her and McCain is which door they use to go into the bathroom.


Jess said...

I knew I liked the way you think! Welcome back to the blogging world!

Reticent Writer said...

Thanks Jess. I am slowly finding my voice again. It took something like this to choke it from me. Hope you are doing well!!

thewishfulwriter said...


i'm confused.

are you suggesting I shouldn't vote for Palin even though she has a VAGINA?

but...she's a mom!

and it would be like, so totally cool if she, like, won and stuff.


your example of you and your brother and picking "sides" is probably one of the best analogies I've read to date. FOX NEWS needs to read it.

Amanda said...

welcome back!

Reticent Writer said...

Ha Heather. I hate it when people assume I would vote for that idiot just because she is a female. I could not be more different from her even with our simiar anatomy (I'm assuming here cause the nude pics haven't shown up yet on the 'net of her ; )

And personally, I couldn't begin to tell you what Fox news says. I refuse to watch ANYTHING on that channel, LOL!

Reticent Writer said...

Thanks Amanda. I didn't make it all the way but I'm baby stepping my way back ; )